Guitar Instruction

A passionate and experienced guitar instructor, co-founder of a reputable music school in Chicago, Aleks develops a customized curriculum for each student and works with teen and adult guitarists of all levels and music genres, from complete beginners to experienced players looking to advance their skills. Private guitar lessons are 45-minutes or 60-minutes in length, typically one to two times per week, consisting of: 

  • Learning songs and/or instrumental music selected by students
  • Acoustic vs Electric guitar methodology
  • Exercises developing finger muscle memory, agileness and strength 
  • Optimal posture, hand position and beginner best practices
  • Chords and melody playing
  • Learning how to play using a pick (flat-picking) and fingers (finger-style)
  • Learning guitar techniques necessary for solo performing vs a band environment
  • Soloing & improvisation
  • Music theory concepts, reading music, tabs, rhythm charts, and learning to play by ear
  • Genre-specific skills and exercises
  • Learning to play while singing
  • Exploring gear options to discover your unique guitar sound
  • Achieving a better understanding and connection with the instrument for performance and composition

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Location: Aleks' home studio in Palm Coast, FL or Online


45-min lessons

Monthly (4-lessons) package . . . $200 ($50 / lesson)

60-min lessons
Monthly (4-lessons) package. . . $260 ($65 / lesson)


24-hour cancelation policy (maximum of 4 cancelations per year)