About Aleks Di Roma

Works by guitarist, singer, and composer Aleks Di Roma have received international acclaim and are featured on radio and web playlists across the globe. Born in Ukraine and having spent most of his life in the US, Aleks had picked up his first guitar at the age of seven and has never put it down since, exploring a variety of contemporary and traditional music genres and studying with extraordinary guitarists Irina Yanovskaya, Michele Iaccarino, Manuel Lozano Gomez, Sasha Brusin and Alfredo Mesa. 

Following his life-long passion for improvised music, Aleks continues to redefine his sound, texture, and his virtuosic guitar percussion technique. His immersions into a wide array of improvisational music traditions such as American jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Eastern European music, Reggae, Blues, Flamenco,
 Latin Jazz and Bossa Nova have led to collaborations with top music artists from around the world and pushing the boundaries of fingerstyle guitar and composition for both instrumental and vocal forms. 


About Time / О Времени - EP (2021)

Alma Del Sur - Album (2019)

Moonlit Night / Ніч Яка Місячна - Single (2014)

Jukebox Groove - Single (2014)

Horizon Of Harmony - Album (2010)